Pre-Concert Lecturer & Composer Fellow, Jim Kendros

Jim Kendros

Jim Kendros

Free* pre-concert lectures start at 2:30 p.m. prior to each concert

*Free to all same-day concert ticket holders

Jim Kendros, often referred to as “The North Shore’s Favorite Music Historian,” has been the Pre-Concert Lecturer for the Northbrook Symphony Orchestra since 1995. Jim also serves as the Pre-Concert Lecturer and Resident Music Historian for the Lake Forest Symphony, and is often a featured speaker with the Elgin Symphony and Music of the Baroque.

Combining his backgrounds in performance, music history and composing, Jim is passionately devoted to exploring and reviving rare historic string instruments, bringing them back into chamber music and concert hall settings. Performing on the Hurdy Gurdy and the Nyckelharpa, Jim has researched and arranged music from the Baroque, Classical and Romantic era for these unique instruments. He has appeared with the Northbrook Symphony twice in the past two seasons as a performer on Hurdy Gurdy.

A composer of over 200 works, Jim is including the Hurdy Gurdy in his latest work, Waiting for the Light: A Winter Solstice Fantasy, a large-scale composition inspired by the winter scenes of Lake Bluff.

His concerto for Nyckelharpa, Adagio’s Life, is most likely the first concerto written for this instrument. He is the author of “Classical Favorites Arranged for the Hurdy Gurdy,” published by Altarwind Music. His premiere CD of original piano music entitled “Fermata’s Journey” has recently been released.


Jim’s Wheaton Sinfonia for Viola Ensemble has been premiered by the violists of the Houston Symphony, and his works for solo/multiple guitars are regularly performed by the Oakton College Guitar Ensemble.

Jim Kendros is often heard on the North Suburban Library Cable Channel and various cable programs on the North Shore. He teaches contining education classs in music at Oakton College, and is currently completing work on his Masters in Music History and Composition.

Jim was appointed Composer Fellow of the NSO in March, 2013. The NSO featured a premiere work of his at the March 6, 2016 concert.
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